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Taking your music to the
next level
About Us
If your goal is to record and release your own independent CD, then you owe it to yourself to check us out . Why risk your bands success by recording yourself, in a friend’s bedroom, or in a low budget studio? We have the gear, treated rooms, and the experience to make your band sound better than ever. We will produce a mastered product for you , that is radio ready.

A bands success lies heavily in their music but, also in the quality of their demo or album. Your recording is your calling card to show your fans, clubs owners, booking agents, record label's, radio stations , A&R reps and publishers, what your band is all about .

So when you're ready to Take Your Music To The Next Level and make that killer demo or masterpiece album, give us a call . We’ll have you come in to see our studio and go over your project with you in detail. All at no cost to you! The Rock Recording Studio is a Digital multi-track recording studio located in Elizabethtown Il. The primary focus of our studio, is to give musicians an opportunity to produce a high quality product at a price they can afford.​
Drum Room
Our drum room is set up with the drummer in mind. You can see all the other musicians in the studio. The set is the Roland TD-10. With dual triggers on the cymbals. This kit plays just like a real set. I should know. I am a drummer.
Our equipment
Our equipment is here for you to use. Fully equipped for all your recording needs.
The Studio
When you rent studio time at The Rock you rent it all. What we have is at your disposal. Do you want to know why our prices are so reasonable? So that you can take the time you need to get your recording just right. 
Digidesign 003
Don't let this board fool you. It is 48 tracks and fully automated controls and faders. That way you can record and come back at your convenience on your schedule and take up right where you left off.
Our Services
Sound Sessions
At The Rock we can record anything from a vocal or guitar track to a full band. We have 48 tracks and record using Pro Tools format.  

The Rock is located in beautiful Southern Il just east of Elizabethtown. We have been recording artists since 1999 and have the experience to make your project the best it can be. We also understand how important your music is to you because we know how important it is to us. 
Rates $20.00 an hour

Project Quotes
Since each project is different for every customer, we have made things simple. Same rate for recording, mixing, mastering or artwork.  Priced so you can concentrate on the music and not the cost.
The Rock Terms and Conditions
(Reserving Studio Time) Reservation of studio time will be confirmed beforehand by phone, email or in person. Billing of studio time begins at the time booked, regardless of late arrival. Overtime (if available) is at the same hourly rate.
Cancellation or rescheduling. All other studio time must be cancelled 24 hours in advance.
Relaxing Atmosphere 
Here at The Rock we are proud of the way our studio is laid out. The rooms have a warm down home feel. Everyone says that they love the peacefulness of the country along with a nice big deck to sit outside and work on those guitar and vocal parts or just jam. We never rush you to hurry for the next customer and our prices are low enough to let you feel like you can take your time and work on your project to get the sound you want. We want you to be one of our many return customers. 
Record your dream demo track with us
Satisfied Customers
  1. Beth Wilson
    Hometown feeling with a big city sound. Joe is amazing to work with. The Rock Recording Studio is a hidden treasure, right here in southern Illinois!
  2. We have recently signed a contract with a music company from Nashville, Tn. Some of the songs they listened to before signing us, were recorded at the Rock. The price and quality are unbeatable.
    Judah recently signed contract in Nashville.
    We are pleased with the sound we get at the Rock and released a song nation wide that was recorded there.
  3. Norman Cubley singer-guitarist
    The Rock is a second home for musicians in the area and Joe is always there to make our projects the best they can be.
  4. Brittany Loyd
    I have recorded numerous times at the rock studio and found it very professional and top-notch! Highly recommend it.
  5. Duane McGinnis
    Recording at the Rock is always a great time for me. Joe's love for God and music to me is the best combination.
  6. Phillip Fritts
    I believe God has a great many opportunities to help others in need of getting their project sandwich dreams fulfilled through the ministry at The Rock
  7. The Peyton’s
    We love going to The Rock. Make your appointment today. You will be glad you did. Rachael and Riley.